Fuel Saver
Fuel SaverFuel SaverFuel Saver
Fuel Saver

Airtabs are distributed by:

Load Covering Solutions Inc. USA
1052 Clinton Street.
Buffalo, NY

Phone: 1-877-790-5665
Fax: 1-877-345-5623
Email: BrianP@loadcovering.com
Web: /www.loadcovering.com


FUEL SAVINGS | By improving aerodynamic efficiency Airtab equipped vehicles require less power and as a result less fuel to travel at the same speed.
GREATER STABILITY | Less turbulent air behind a vehicle means the vehicle becomes more stable on the road and less reactive to gusting winds and weather.
STAY CLEANER LONGER | Changing the way air and water behave with Airtab helps keep the rear of the vehicle cleaner longer.
LESS DRIVING EFFORT | Trial drivers reported vehicles "sitting down" on the road better and trailers tracking more directly behind the power unit with Airtabs.

Fuel Saver

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