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Fuel SaverFuel SaverFuel Saver
Fuel Saver

The problem is simply explained: As a vehicle moves, air rushes into the space it just left. This rush of air cannot happen smoothly, particularly at high speed. The result is turbulence, which causes drag. It takes power and extra fuel to overcome that turbulence.

As routes get longer, fuel costs escalate and the issue of road safety is a major priority, aerodynamic drag is a matter of growing concern to the transportation industry. The use of air deflector and side extenders have made a difference at the front of vehicles, but until now there has been no practical method of reducing drag at the back or in the Crucial Gap between the power unit and the trailer.

The Answer is provided by aviation technology: Reducing aerodynamic drag is vital in aeronautical industries where constant research has discovered ways of improving efficiency, including the development of devices that create controlled swirls of air or vortices. Airtab® is a unique Vortex Generator that is designed to apply this technology to tractors, trailers, RV's, busses, and almost any other vehicle that pushes wind.

Extensive testing of Airtab® around the world has provided substantial evidence that Airtab® delivers extraordinary benefits.

Airtab® has undergone NASA wind tunnel tests in the United States and extensive road trials in North America, Australia, and Europe. Road trials have delivered direct fuel savings of up to 2.8% with Airtab®s installed on trailers only and over 4% savings on tractor-trailer combinations.

Fuel Saver

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